Pediatric Medical treatments

About Us
Clinical Research Exclusively for Children

In the world of scientific inquiry, we're doing something completely different. Our name says it all: Paidion is the Greek word for children, little ones. They're why we're here: Our entire clinical research focus is exclusively on children. A global CRO (clinical research organization), we live our mission of using clinical research to improve the health of children around the world by helping companies and organizations develop clinical trials for kids. That's it...our passion, our expertise, our business, are all about–and only for–children.

Which makes us the logical choice for a clinical research partner. Especially now with the recent FDA/EMA legislation requiring the addition of pediatric components to clinical research. We can help you meet your new pediatric obligations in neonates to teens.

Our veteran team has broad and deep expertise across CROs, academia and pharmaceutical companies. But, more important than the years of experience, advanced degrees, publications and clinical excellence is our passion for the work. We're dedicated exclusively to pediatric clinical research, which means we're expert in:

  • FDA/EMA drug development planning and program design.
  • PK/PD analysis, simulation and modeling.
  • Protocol designs that are more efficient, more likely to succeed and more cost-effective.
  • Enrollment, especially hard-to-recruit specialty populations (NICU and PICU).
  • Global operations.

Are you interested in collaborating with a seasoned partner with a proven track record in pediatric clinical research? To learn how we will give your pediatric research program the same effort, attention, good science and smart business sense that you expect in all your programs, contact us.