Career Opportunities:
Do you aspire to make an impact in the healthcare of children?

Our name says it all! Paidion is the Greek word for children, little ones. They are why we wake each day to coordinate clinical trials. Our clinical research focus is exclusive to children.

If you possess pediatric clinical trial coordination experience and seek fulfilment within a company where you have opportunities to make an impact as well as develop your career, we would like to hear from you. If you enjoy being hands on across all aspects of a clinical program and do not like working in silos, then Paidion is the place for you!

Paidion’s Core Values are an integral part of everything we do:

I Got It

Thinking of the outfielder yelling " I Got It" and standing with glove extended waiting for the ball to drop, Paidion's personnel must possess the same competencies as this outfielder. These include excellent communication skills so that teammates don't duplicate efforts, proficiency to actually catch the ball, trustworthiness supported by a track record of delivering on promises, and accountability to the team.


The exchange or sharing of electrons between two or more atoms is the main cause of chemical bonding. Paidion wants our personnel to act as electrons who bring energy, support, excitement, and a sense of urgency to their teams and the organization as a whole to promote bonding within our Paidion family and with our Customers.

Asks Why

Paidion family members are not content with the status quo. We are an organization of analytical thinkers with a passion to improve how we do what we do and to investigate new pathways to better serve our mission and vision.

Not Not-My-Job

Paidion personnel wear many hats. We are a close-knit team personally accountable for the health of our organization. There is no job too big or too small, too conspicuous or inconspicuous, or too disagreeable. We will succeed as a team or fail as a team so everyone is vested in success.

Sub-Clinical OCD

When we think of traits common to obsessive-compulsive disorder, we think of the tendency towards excessive orderliness, perfectionism, and great attention to detail. Paidion values these traits at the sub-clinical level meaning personnel who are meticulous, precise, fastidious, and who go-the-extra-mile rather than settle for less than perfection.


Lunchable: a Paidion word for amiable personnel interested in one another's lives within and outside Paidion who are communicative, smart, passionate, and humble - people you would really like to share lunch with to find out more about them personally and professionally.

Mother Pleaser

Remembering back to school days, it seems every class had at least one precocious, intelligent child who was self-assured beyond their years. We called them "teachers’ pets". These were the kids with manners and poise who were comfortable around authority figures. Paidion defines these traits as 'mother-pleasers' and values personnel who are outgoing, Customer-centric individuals who understand what is expected of them in every instance and who are driven to exceed expectations. They are articulate, concise, and well-spoken. They emanate self-confidence and competence.

We are currently recruiting for Clinical Project Managers (CPMs), Site Monitors (SMs), Clinical Project Assistants (CPAs), and Clinical Data Managers (CDMs).

Clinical Project Manager

Paidion’s CPMs are the cornerstones of our project teams and are accountable for all aspects of the execution of our clinical studies. The CPM, in concert with the Clinical Project Director (CPD), is accountable for achieving successful delivery of Paidion clinical team activities at the project level by meeting company and regulatory requirements according to time, quality/scope, and budget constraints. Paidion CPMs excel at the management of trial timelines, budgets, resources, and vendors beginning at study start-up and extending through database lock and reporting.

Paidion’s CPMs begin engagement with our Customer by leading the study start-up process, including but not limited to the conduct of the Kick-off meeting, setting up the trial master file, site selection and finalization of site and vendor Clinical Trial Agreements and budgets. In addition, they ensure effective project plans are in place and operational for each trial and work proactively with their project team(s) to set priorities in accordance with applicable project plans, company standard, operational procedures (SOPs), ICH/GCP guidelines, and regulatory requirements. CPMs ensure potential study risks are proactively identified, tracked, and escalated to the attention of the CPD when appropriate.

Paidion CPMs are also proficient at other responsibilities, including chairing Customer/Vendor meetings; reviewing and approving trip reports, invoices, and vendor deliverables; ensuring the project eTMF is audit-ready at all times; and provide support to their study team(s) and investigational sites.

Site Monitor

Paidion’s SMs use critical thinking skills to monitor sites' compliance with project, Customer, organizational, and regulatory guidelines. They are responsible to collect, document, update, and report project information according to procedures and timelines as well as to create new and customize existing templates and processes to meet project needs with some direction. Paidion’s SMs follow up, resolve, and report on issues identified during project monitoring and assessment activities with minimal to no direction as well as communicate effectively with site personnel, including the Principal Investigator (PI) to relay protocol/project deviations and ensure timely implementation of corrective actions.

Paidion SMs perform site management activities, data review, and clinical data cleaning in addition to assisting with planning and development of project set-up, execution, and oversight.

Clinical Project Assistant

Paidion’s CPAs support the clinical project team in study start-up and site regulatory document collection; accurately update and maintain clinical systems within project timelines; preparing, distributing, filing, and archiving clinical documentation and reports; review of study files periodically for accuracy and completeness; preparing and distributing clinical trial supplies and maintenance of tracking information. In addition, CPAs may act as a central contact for the clinical team for designated project communications, correspondence, and associated documentation. Paidion’s CPS routinely perform administrative tasks to support team members with clinical trial execution as needed.

Paidion’s CPAs excel at providing support to the Project Team throughout the conduct of our clinical trials, including communicating and following up on actions with Customers, sites, and the project team and are viewed by the SMs and CPMs as an important source of project information and assistance.

Clinical Data Manager

Paidion’s CDMs are accountable for planning and executing the clinical data management processes related to clinical studies performed at Paidion. This includes designing, testing, conducting, and archiving all activities related to clinical study data both with internal study teams and external study teams and associated vendors.

Paidion’s CDMs are responsible for establishing and maintaining study timelines and management of resources in addition to providing users with support and oversight, ensuring that related clinical study technology is maintained in compliance with all computerized system guidelines, Paidion and/or sponsors SOPs, ICH/GCP guidelines and Federal Regulations.

If Paidion sounds like an environment in which you could thrive, please contact us at