The team behind the vision...

Barry Mangum, PharmD, FCP, Founder and CEO
As Founder and CEO, Dr. Mangum is responsible for vision. But, it's bigger than just a corporate initiative. It's a vision of profound and meaningful change in global pediatric clinical research. That's what Paidion is all about, being a catalyst for change in an old paradigm and laying the groundwork for important new development programs of safe and effective medicines for children. Responsible for partnering with clients to implement clinical trials for all phases of pediatric drug development, Dr. Mangum brings decades of pediatric clinical research expertise to Paidion. His extensive academic experience includes serving as faculty and researcher in pediatrics and clinical pharmacology/pharmacotherapy at Duke's and UNC's medical schools. His corporate experience includes serving as Director of Neonatal/Pediatric Pharmacotherapy for Wake AHEC (Area Health Education Center) and Senior Director of Pediatric Clinical Development Services at Quintiles. He has numerous publications, presentations and memberships, including co-authorship of NeoFax: A Manual of Drugs Used in Neonatal Care, the leading guide for dosing neonatal medications in the US, as well as the NeoFax software package and mobile device app. He is currently working on several large pediatric research projects. For his full CV, please click here.

"Children deserve more than limited data on medicines that are being used to treat their diseases. Paidion is an organization that will energize the research community to contribute in a meaningful way to the understanding of new therapies for our next generation."- Barry Mangum, PharmD, FCP, Founder and CEO

Betsy Reid, Founding Partner and COO
Behind every successful company is a consummate strategist. Reid is that person for Paidion. She is a veteran professional with 20 years of industry experience in executive management of clinical operations and business development within academic, pharmaceutical and research organizations. As Chief Operating Officer, she brings a proven track record of driving execution of organizational strategy to increase productivity, profitability and growth. Her skills in clinical trials implementation and management, team-building, strategic alliances, tactical planning and forecasting, risk management and negotiations result from her successful tenure at a number of academic and corporate organizations including the Duke Clinical Research Institute and Ingenix Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. At Paidion, she provides oversight of all clinical trial operations such as leader management, internal infrastructure, strategic and operational systems, site management and monitoring, data management, statistics and regulatory services. For her full CV, please click here.

"What is exciting about our vision is our intent to challenge the status quo in trial design and operational methodologies in order to make pediatric clinical research more effective and efficient, ultimately improving children's health globally."–Betsy Reid, Founding Partner and COO