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Paidion CEO Presents at June DIA Conference

Barry Mangum, PharmD, FCP, Co-Founder and CEO of Paidion Research, Inc., a new clinical research organization (CRO) focused exclusively on pediatrics and specializing in NICU and PICU populations (neonatal and pediatric intensive care), was a presenter at the 51st Drug Information Association (DIA) Annual Meeting in Washington, DC in mid-June. The DIA is a global organization of life science professionals involved in the discovery, development and life cycle management of therapeutic and healthcare products. The annual meeting typically draws 7000 scientists, clinicians, pharma execs and researchers to share ideas, brainstorm best practices and hear about the latest in leading edge research and patient care. Dr. Mangum spoke at a session entitled Pediatric Clinical Trials: One Size Does Not Fit All. He shared Paidion’s commitment to Sustainable Site Networks to combat the challenge of patient enrollment, one of the biggest drivers of clinical trial costs and a primary challenge in pediatric research.

“We believe the research paradigm is broken and it’s time for a new approach,” Dr. Mangum explained. “We propose to create Sustainable Site Networks, a thriving global community of clinician investigators, pharmaceutical companies and trial coordination experts working collaboratively to improve children’s health through clinical research, funded by a consortium of pharmaceutical companies. We’re facing a perfect storm in pediatric research: not only is the available pool of children small, there are ethical and regulatory constraints which significantly limit the number of participants. Plus, sites often lack the supporting infrastructure needed for robust patient enrollment. This is all compounded by protocols that are designed without fully understanding the pediatric arena: they’re missing invaluable input from experienced pediatric trialists. Only by working together across business units and competitive boundaries can we create best-in-class protocols, processes and results, improving trial success while eliminating redundancies and saving time and money.”

Paidion Research, Inc is a clinical research organization (CRO) focused solely on pediatrics and specializing in NICU and PICU populations (neonatal and pediatric intensive care). Headquartered in Durham, NC, they combine pediatric clinical pharmacology expertise with innovative pediatric regulatory strategies and trial methodologies to provide best-in-class service to drug and device development partners in industry, government, academia and nonprofits. For more about the company, visit or email