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Paidion Staff Lives Mission of Improving Children’s Health by Donating Life-saving Platelets

On Monday, several staff members of Paidion Research, a clinical research organization (CRO) focused exclusively on pediatrics and specializing in NICU and PICU populations (neonatal and pediatric intensive care), brought their mission to improve the health of little patients to life by  donating platelets. Platelets are life-saving cells in the blood that form clots to stop bleeding. These tiny cells are vital to the millions of patients in the US undergoing treatment for cancer, chronic diseases and traumatic injuries–including children. Paidion’s CEO Barry Mangum, COO Betsy Reid, Gretchen Yonish, Morgan McCafferty, and Chanda Paz donated platelets.

“According to the Red Cross, every 30 seconds someone needs platelets, which means new donors are needed every day,” said CEO Mangum. “We give our hearts and souls to our mission to coordinate clinical research services that improve the health of children. It just made sense to go the extra mile and give something even more tangible–our platelets.”  Click here to learn more about platelet donation.

About Paidion
Paidion is a privately-held company located in the Research Triangle Park of North Carolina. Paidion provides clinical research coordination services that improve the health of children around the world by helping companies and organizations develop clinical trials for pediatric subjects. Paidion is dedicated to bringing safe and effective treatments to infants, children and adolescents.

Because children respond to medical treatments differently than adults, pediatric clinical trials should be different from adult trials.  Paidion is committed to be the industry thought leader in establishing guidelines and best practices for the creation of treatment options for all children.

To learn how Paidion can successfully partner as your pediatric clinical research provider, visit

Top Photo: Paidion donors included Barry Mangum, Chanda Paz, Betsy Reid, Morgan McCafferty and Grethen Yonish.

Bottom Photo: Paidion team with Red Cross workers at the Platelet Donation Center in Durham, NC.