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Paidion’s Jennifer Price Brings Data Management Expertise to Role as 2019 SCDM Secretary

Jennifer Price, Senior Director of Clinical Data Management at Paidion Research, a clinical research organization (CRO) focused exclusively on pediatrics and specializing in NICU and PICU populations (neonatal and pediatric intensive care), has recently been elected Secretary of The Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM). Price, a 30-year pharma veteran, provides data management leadership of the clinical trials Paidion supports, including the collection, analysis and reporting of all clinical data, as well as oversight and direction for the implementation of clinical technologies. In her role as SCDM Board Secretary for the 2019 term, she will be responsible for providing quarterly updates from the board to the membership. SCDM is an international, nonprofit organization of more than 2,200 members that advances the discipline of clinical data management, and promotes quality and excellence in both the field and industry professionals.

Paidion is a committed supporter of SCDM and an industry leader, with key initiatives including the implementation of ‘paperless’ trials (from a regulatory and data point of view), and a unique method of involving the clinical team as part of the data cleaning review process. “Paidion is doing exciting work in pediatric clinical trials,” Price states. “As a pediatric-only CRO, our participation in SCDM is a way for us to keep involved with traditional data management while sharing our expertise on pediatrics with a population who may only deal with this specialty data occasionally. We hope to influence data collection for pediatric trials worldwide so that others can benefit from our extensive experience. The goal of our knowledge-sharing is to use the latest proven methods and technology to collect data for our tiniest population safely and efficiently, with no undue stress on the pediatric subjects. We hope to decrease the time to product approval and minimize the number of children we need to study to provide safe, effective treatments. SCDM is a forum where I can interact with others in my field to help to grow the standards and provide guidance.”

Paidion’s support of SCDM includes not only Price’s service on the board, but also sponsorship of the 2018 Annual Conference poster session, September 23 – 26 in Seattle. Price will be presenting at two of the sessions.

Session 13 – “Don’t You (Forget About Me),” The Breakfast Club…of Data Management!
8:00 – 9:00 a.m., Tuesday, September 25
This session is about the variety of roles within the field of Data Management.

Session 22 – Single Source of Truth, Integrations or IoT (Internet of Things):
Exploring Ways to Improve Connectedness of Clinical Data

3:30 – 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, September 25
This session explores how to best manage the exponentially-growing capabilities of clinical data management technologies that support today’s ever-changing–and always complex–clinical research.

“Paidion’s mission is to improve the health of children around the world by helping companies and organizations develop clinical trials for pediatric patients,” Price concludes. “Serving SCDM helps clinical data management professionals and organizations deliver the cleanest, most accurate data to the clinical trial process. Children are not little adults. Striving for the best data management practices possible in pediatric research helps us all protect and heal little subjects.”

About Paidion
Paidion is a privately-held company located in the Research Triangle Park of North Carolina. Paidion provides clinical research coordination services that improve the health of children around the world by helping companies and organizations develop clinical trials for pediatric subjects. Paidion is dedicated to bringing safe and effective treatments to infants, children and adolescents.

Because children respond to medical treatments differently than adults, pediatric clinical trials should be different from adult trials. Paidion is committed to be the industry thought leader in establishing guidelines and best practices for the creation of treatment options for all children.

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